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Default New to linux (Need Help with NVIDA MotherBoard)

If anyone can help that would be great. Here is what I need help on:

I am new to Redhat and the whole linux thing. I know some of the basics but not a whole lot.

I have an NVidia Motherboard with on board card/NIC/Sound and I found the drivers on the site but the walk thru sucks it assumes that you know something about the OS.

The Motherboard has an AMD XP processor on it with 256 Mb Ram so I know I am good with all that. (I have WinXP on it now but enough about Microsoft time to work with Linux and learn the basics.)

Well I don't know much about the OS, So can someone please tell me what I need and how to do this. I am currently Downloading RedHat 9 and In a couple hours I am going to do an install.

Does anyone have a good walk thru for me. I would be greatful if someone could help me out here.

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