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Originally posted by gokickrocks
i have to agree with this statement...

developers seem to focus too much on eye candy and lose sight of gameplay
As far as UT2003 goes, I don't see how it's any worse than UT.
As far as Unreal 2 goes, it's a lot of gameplay and story, and DEFINATELY low on the gameplay...though still entertaining.
Right now though, I see a lot of people complaining about that when it isn't really warranted. With the things games currently do, there is a LOT of room for a breakthrough, however, from what I know directx 8 was way too complex to program (graphics, especially) and I think there are a lot of factors we gloss over when we make assumptions like them 'focusing on eye candy.'
I don't think we can reasonably criticize when we have no idea how much effort it takes to make what they do. I do wish for a lot of things in PC gaming, but I can't really complain knowing what I do about programming+development.
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