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Default Re: Display bleeding off monitor edges at max resolution

Originally Posted by juan_kerr

The next step is to ramp it up to my maximum display resolution of 1280 x 720, which the driver will do. However, when I do this I'm back to the display bleeding over the edges of the screen again, so I can't see the full desktop and taskbar. This is on my 32" widescreen LCD TV by the way, if that's relevant.
Out of curiosity, is this an LG 32" tv? I've noticed that some of these (most/all? i only have seen a few of them personally) seem to overscan on HD channels connected even via HDMI.. I'm not entirely sure the reasoning for this. (I work in the consumer electronics industry, albeit at a Radioshack, so the selection of tvs i have seen, isnt so wide..however, side-by-side against an akai, and Panasonic, the LG definitely has overscan, and it bothers me)

Also, if this tv was bought recently, its probable that it has a 1366x768 actual resolution. Try to see if you can get a "x768" rather than "x720" mode, to see if this helps the overscan issues, as the TV may be compensating for what it thinks is a "TV" signal, rather than a "Computer" signal. Seems plausible, however, I have yet to try anything with the tvs at my work.

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