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Hi, Marty--

Thanks for the reply. This was a clean install of RH 9, but I updated several components via up2date after the install. By accident, I also updated the kernel. But I'm still running the original kernel 2.4.20-8 with the matching sources. I have tried and failed building nvnet several times, so am not sure how clean the system is now. I have tried running "make clean oldconfig dep" in the kernel directory for whatever that is worth.

Interestingly, an 0248 nvnet build RPM from:
works. However, I couldn't build this version from source either.

From reading the posts, it sounds like several people have had trouble installing nvnet on RH9. If this is widespread, perhaps Nvidia will release an improved platform driver in the near future. I ran RH 8 for some time and was able to build and install the 0248 driver several times as the kernel updated.

So (also being something of a newbie), I'm not sure where to go from here. I could do a re-install of RH9.

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