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Default Re: Have to reinstall drivers each logon for FC6.

Originally Posted by bumfluff
Thanks for the swift reply. I've tried both the above and no joy. (I can't restricted drivers).

I've noticed a couple more things that may be of use with the diagnosis:

1. Upon bootup I receive the error message nivdia kernel not found..nvidia.ko cannot be found.

2. When I reinstall the nvidia driver, it reports that there is an existing nvidia driver and asks me to replace it. It then builds the kernel module, and gives a warning regarding "The nvidia-installer was unable to determine the correct X library installation path with the pkg-config utility. Please install the X.Org SDK/development package for your distribution."
Followed by "nvidia-installer was unable to determine the correct X library installation path and will install the NVIDIA X libraries to /usr/lib"

Not sure if this is related to my problem as the drivers still install fine.

Thanks for your help from a total noobie.
did you install these packages before nvidia-glx ?
linux-headers-`uname -r`   (uname -r is your kernel version number)
also, be sur to have uninstalled old nvidia driver.
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