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Default kernel module loading

i am a bit confused at the moment, i previously had a mandrake installation and used my geforce 2 ultra card without problems using the old glx and kernel files

i recently installled debian (steep learning curve) on my machine and downlowed the latest single file from the website :

dell dimension 8100
1.5Ghz Pentium 4
Nvidia Geforce 2 ultra (64meg)
Debian woody 3.0r1
Xfree version 4.01
driver version 1.0-4363

i installed the file after installing the kernel headers, it seemed to work fine having to compile its own interface with the kernel etc

anyway when i rebooted, i found the error "(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module!"

i read the answer in the README file and now im totally confused, i tried '/sbin/lsmod' sure enough there is no mention of any nvidia related modules

i have no idea what to do with "insmod" but i tried "insmod nvidia" in all my stupidity but there were no complaints and nvidia turned up in /sbim/lsmod, i rebooted to see if i had done anything useful but the same error comes up. im sure i downloaded the correct kernel headers from the debian website, i havnt upgraded by kernel.

oh well, any suggestions are welcome people, i await your replies oh knowledgable ones
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