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Unhappy Re: NVidia 1.0-9631 drivers + GeForce Go 6600 feedback

Almost a week later, and my system freezes again!
I'm getting tired of this!

I followed some suggestions from the other thread, but without success.

Originally Posted by zander
You may also want to check your system memory with e.g. memtest86+ to rule it out as a potential problem source.
I checked my memory with memtest86+ and it had no errors.

Originally Posted by zbiggy
Boot your Linux with these options:
pci=noacpi pci=biosirq noapic acpi=off
to check if this freezing is not bios related.

AFAIR I had freezing only with one of first driver releases when render acceleration appeared. This was few years ago.
I also booted my system with these kernel options, and I got a freeze after some time playing ET.

In attachment there are two bug reports. One using the regular kernel options, and another with the disabled kernel options suggested by zbiggy.

All the bug reports were created after the freeze, before entering and the "--logverbose 6" flag was used in the previous session.

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