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Default Re: why lower the mulitplier?

Originally Posted by Dazz
Yeah processors peform better linked FSB, once you hit the wall the the CPU clock you increase the FSB and memory so you get further performance increases. CPU clock isn't every thing. So lets say the top speed you can overclock is 3200MHz, 16x200 = 3200 (6.4GB/sec bandwith), but 7x457 = 3199MHz (14.6GB/sec), the later is by far faster due to the extra bandwith available These are 128bit DDR rates like in a Athlon 64.
While that for the most part is true, I can provide proof to where that is wrong to some extent.

Although at some point in the future that will be less true, right now and for years to come its for the most part true. CPU speed is King: not necessarily everything but its king. Anyhow if you really are interested in the topic make sure you review that thread for complete information. Although I used to think that too due to more bandwidth it would be faster but the bottom line is the cpu is utmost important factor here and the main reason for lowering the multi is for stabilizing your pc or running your memory within spec or etc. For more options pretty much.

I'm not saying you are dead wrong as clearly that will boost memory bandwidth but its just not that important right now or wont be for a while.
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