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Default Re: Display bleeding off monitor edges at max resolution

Thanks for your responses. I'm running Kunbuntu 6.10, this is my first venture into Linux, so I'm kind of chucking myself in at the deep end.

The display is a Philips 32" LCD TV and yes, you are right the actual panel resolution is 1365 x 768. I have it connected via a DVI to HDMI lead.

It use it for watching Web, surfing, DVDs, DivX files and my music collection (all MP3).

I have been trawling the net to try and sort this out, with little sucess so far. I think it is an issue with the TV as it did this on XP, it's just that there was the handy overscan adjustment that coudl be done with the NVidia driver in XP.

I'll try the -logverbose 5 command and attach a bug report shortly.
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