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Default Re: 3DMark06 Benchmark Results

Originally Posted by HeavyH20
Bigger is better, right?

But, it is all a hobby. I have been holding out for the quad, G80 and a good SLI board. And, they all arrived at once which makes the bank account drain rather quickly. Have to admit though, this is the first system that actually runs things "decently" at HD resolutions. 7950GX2, no, quad SLI, no, 7900 GTX SLI, nope. Now we hve to see what DX10 games come around and cripple even this system (Crysis?).

Now, I have to wait for Crucial to send me new RAM. The current DDR2-1000 was bad. I was having stability issues and it looks like the RAM was the culprit. Using the DDR2-800 set, right now. Slower but at least its stable.
Crysis wont even break that. It should be quad core optimized...

But youre SO damn close to crackin that 20K mark...
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