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As it turned out, the card went south after it was installed a couple of days. When I awoke yesterday, the monitor was filled with a solid blizzard of snow. Rebooting did not solve the problem, because it would never reach desktop again, it just kept rebooting after the Windows logo screen. I then tried booting into another Windows OS and this time it did get to the desktop, but didn't finish loading before it rebooted.

I contacted the seller, asking to return it. At first he agreed, but I kept getting PMs the rest of the day, accusing me of destroying the card. At this point, having lost respect for his honesty, I have lost trust in him and figure that all that sending it back to him would do is to cost me more postage for nothing.

I'm wondering if anyone has ever sent a video card back to PNY, or any other manufacturer for a repair out of warranty? Should I expect a high cost? Would they guarantee anything?

Or should I call it quits and simply buy a new card?
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