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Default Re: Optimal PAL Video Out

i updated to 9742 and the problem remains. and tried different resolutions

when I try the glxgears "test" glxgears reporst more than 2000 fps on display :0.1 (Screen 1 is the TV and I and was running at 720x756, PAL-B).

nvidia-settings reports a RefreshRate of ~ 60 Hz and xvditune outputs:

"720x576" 31.50 720 760 840 880 576 585 588 597 -hsync -vsync

note the 31.5 mhz pixelrefresh!

i even tried it under windows with the newest beta driver and it didn't give a usable tv-out.

i already send a bug-report to nvidia. probably they know what to do.
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