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Originally posted by Sazar
hmm.... I thought ati worked under linux... perhaps not all features but that it did work...

chalnoth... comments ? I know you have a 9700pro and also linux... refresher on if there is support ?
Yes, as marcocom stated, you can run linux with any video card.

But with Nvidia, everything is directly drawn fromt he hardware, while with ATi w/o driver support its basicly being ran off my cpu.

Actually if you read their web page here. they say 'we TRY to assist third party developers with 2d accleration' hahaha not even close to 3d : O

then the rest of it is denying responsaibility for helping you get the 2d accleration working.

In conclusion:

To install Nvidia Linux drivers:
joe XF86Config (then edit 2 lines)
Startx (presto changeo, your up and running)

To install ATi Linux drivers:

There you have it, it is easier to install ATi's drivers than Nvidias.
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