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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Originally Posted by _fLaK_mOnKeY_

A level 60 warlock was my main on a PvP server and he rocked everything. Mind you he only had a few tier 1 epics, with some other purples thrown in (mana-igniting cord, azuresong mageblade, which is btw still ownage) but I've seen Tier 2/2.5 warlocks absolutely trash groups of people. Those are the ones you hear horror stories about.

LoL, I better leave this thread before I reactivate my account again.

so I solo'ed a warlock in WSG today on my rogue. I've cleared bosses in Naxx, dealt the killing blow to bosses in there as a pally as well, but nothing felt more satisfying than my first patch 2.0 lock kill. I was yelling in excitement at my feat over Vent to my guildies.

I have heavily PVPed since Tuesday and Ive seen single locks destroy groups of 2-3 people. I'm just now getting geared up enough in pvp epics to actually survive 2 damn DOT's.
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