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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Originally Posted by matthewcraig
That's why the game should start everyone at level 60. The grind up to 60 is just a speedbump, and it is total B.S. People spend a hundred bucks on a leveling service to get them through the crap and allow them to start playing with everyone else.
Actually, I'm not so sure... I run into too many people who go into an instance run; and are such nubs... It's like this time I was helping a guildie get Uldaman with his lvl 42 warrior. So I came in with my then lvl 55 paly, and only thing we were lacking was a mage. So we hit lfg for it, and get someone who doesn't know what sheep is, can't frost nova, and along the way finally says "oh I'm a fire mage". One should still learn sheep

So, everyone but me dies, and I go to res them in order. This, I couldn't even say my thoughts about this individual here, decides she's gonna try to be a mage tank, and runs in trying to tank every fricken last monster in the instance before I can res anyone. So getting in trouble, runs the whole mob into me, of course palys don't have battle res and it's a wipe. Why the flying **** do some clothies insist on trying to tank?

Between that, and some people (like this one hunter we got from lfg for a UBRS run, that went running in, has to be resed/summoned, complained "you take too long" as we were setting up the battles, and of course the run went 10x faster after he was gone and one of our guilde's own hunters came on; I've rather grown to detest PuGs for higher lvl instances... If I don't know the people, I could almost care less to even try to do a BRD run or higher with randoms anymore...
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