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Default Re: Nvidia 6200 and ATI RS480/482 chipset incompatibilities

I'm using an Nvidia 6200SE, with TurboCache, on Linux 2.6.19 with X11R7 (7.1.1). I'm currently using the 9742 BETA release of the driver (this doesn't fix the issue, by the way), but have been using the driver since the 8xxx series. I experience the same lockups, freezes and frustration, and it's clear from my own findings and this topic that the issue is a software one, not hardware. I dual boot with Windows XP for gaming and specific software, and experience no problems with my hardware configuration or Nvidia drivers.
Although the problems we are experiencing are only occurring in an environment with the ATI chipset and an Nvidia card, it doesn't mean that this is the cause. It's simply a bug that is induced by environments with the ATI chipset. Nvidia will probably not fix this bug for a while, as they seem to have no idea as to how to fix it. I appreciate that Linux users with an ATI chipset are an extremely low percentage of the Nvidia user base, but a bug that causes system crashes should be resolved as soon as possible - imagine if we were using mission critical systems. Software bugs are obviously being fixed (slowly), as each new driver release improves stability. For this reason, if no other, this is obviously a software bug. If it was the hardware causing the problem, stability would likely be far worse, and would affect any OS.

Perhaps a petition is in order, as Nvidia obviously don't want to fix this problem - even after topics such as this one. It's a software issue, can be replicated easily, affects nearly all users with this hardware configuration, and, is a bug that, if on a Windows platform, would be fixed within hours.
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