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Default Re: Confused About DVI Cable Types

Originally Posted by xeonman9000
Hello, I have just bought an Nvidia FX5200 and an LG L194WT monitor and need a DVI lead, I know for a fact that the monitor requires a DVI-D input, but I'm not sure about the graphics card (it's the AGP version), would this or this be OK?
both are good. I am only wondering why the single-link cable cost more than the duallink cable. :weird:

they are both DVI-D cables (while the cheaper one is a DVI-D Duallink and the expensive one is a DVI-D singlelink). The duallink cable supports resolutions higher than 1920x1200 although your graphicscard should support duallink DVI output for those high resolution.

to make things less complicated..

both cables will work.
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