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Default Re: ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP Edition nForce 590 Review

Originally Posted by Mr Bigman
You have alot of opprotunity for your age. 22 is still considered todays teen. but you must get payed for this or do you live with your parents and their T1 line?

Some of you youngsters have it made these days.
Why do you think that my age has anything to do with where I am financially?

I have a full-time job that pays me a lot because I'm awesome at what I do.

I have my own apartment that I pay the rent and all the bills for out of my pocket.

I pay for my own cell phone, my car insurance and the gas used to fuel the truck I bought with money I earned.

I even paid the last two years' worth of tuitition (after my scholarships and loans were applied) to Marquette out of my own pocket. And that wasn't cheap, even with aid.

My parents cut me off a long time ago and I'm thankful for it. As you can see, I'm far above where most 25-28 year olds are, and I'm doing this all myself age the "barely-out-of-my-diapers" age of 22. I have opportunities because I've done what I've needed to in order to have them. This didn't all just happen because of luck.
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