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Default Re: Nvidia 6200 and ATI RS480/482 chipset incompatibilities

Originally Posted by sniart
I don't know if a petition will count for something, but let's do it.
lithiumfx, go forward and tells us where we sign.
How about here? I have no idea how to start a petition, at least not against a corporation such as Nvidia.

Originally Posted by alaric
This machine is rock solid stable with a FX5200. The instability started immediately after I put in a brand new FX6200 (AGP8x card). I have a motherboard with AGP4x by the way.

I investigated my logs and found that harddisk errors had started IMMEDIATELY after inserting the FX6200 -- BEFORE starting X OR LOADING THE NVIDIA DRIVERS!

As Lonni says, this isn't the problem we're discussing in this thread. The hard disk errors might be a sign of a failing hard disk - my FreeBSD box displayed similar errors shortly before disk death.

Originally Posted by netllama
The problem that you're having is not the same as what is being reported in this thread. This thread is specific to PCI-Express GeForce 6200TC cards, not AGP cards (which are not TC). I'd suggest creating a new thread for your issue.

How about replying to the post about this not being a hardware issue, Lonni. Ignoring the complaints of your customers won't make the problem go away.
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