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Originally posted by marcocom
hovz wants to use that 256bit and get us up in the nose-bleed resolutions with full driver effects on.

want to talk about our hardware in terms of whether or not your 256bit solution is superior, then we strip ALL THE DRIVER LEVEL FEATURES like FSAA, AF and we let them rip. thats how benchmarking has always been done. fillrate. lowest mipmapping, no Vsync. old school. the way you would play it in a ladder match, to win.
of course we aren't still stuck in those days where it is hard to maintain 60fps with all effects on.

and in most games where framerate is a problem, it is due to the games being CPU dependent, in which case stressing your 3d card out won't degrade performance much.

the days of playing without FSAA or AF are coming to an end. each new generation of cards that comes out makes it increasingly hard to justify not using FSAA, for example. the performance hit keeps getting lower and lower.
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