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Default Rainbow Six Vegas 1680*1050 4xAA 16AF HDR 8800GTX

How was it done?

With nHancer 2.0 beta 16 using Oblivion Profile and using modified bin file from widescreen gaming forum.

Rename R6Vegas_Game.exe to Oblivion.exe

Start up R6 Vegas, when you load a map everything will looked fuxored, similar to far cry, while the map is still loaded go into video settings, Disable HDR, exit out of menu. Then go back into the menu and re-enable HDR and Waaaaallaaaa

HDR+AA in R6 Vegas with an 8800 GTX.

I'm sure there is also an easier way to do this by creating a custom profile, I just havnt messed with it enough yet. I also realize the photos may be cropped by putfile, someone who is willing to host them at the full as proof let me know and I will email them
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