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I'll try 4363's this morning and yes it happens when I play any opengl game, I don't even have to be actively playing it just reboots the system like so body hit the reset switch, and as far as patches goes I use the new yast online update to check every night around 12:00pm, when I am at work so as not to mess with me while I play on the system. Last time I manually patched the system was last tuesday when I got the new os, which is why uptill now its only done it since installing the games. All games are patched using loki_update to the lates including
ut2003 = 2225
quake3 = 1.32b
quake2 = icculus 15
ssamtfe = 3rd patch
ssamtse = still only 1 patch
ut = 436 was last offical patch

I patch all games as they come out religiously, once again let me try the 4363's see if it helps, my geforce fx 5600 MIGHT come in today so I'll have to redo nvidia drivers anyway, and Thank you for try to help, god bless.

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