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Talking Doom 3 leaked

The speed of this tech doesn't exactly exceed 300fps like in the original Quake.

This is stencil buffered shadows along with DOT 3 BM and per pixel lighting in the new Doom engine. In game it is far from the screenshots. It's the most jawbrekaing experience for me.

Quake 1 and Doom 3 fans dig in:

BTW: it's all done in realtime

"On Geforce3 trilinear filtering is enabled by default (disabling it may make things faster) on other cards you can enable it by typing
"gl_texturemode gl_linear_mipmap_linear" it will help a lot to increase the visual quality of the game.

Finally so you can compare to something here are some of my experiences with Tenebrae's speed.
Some times from my system: Geforce4 Ti 4200, PIII 900, 256 Mb Ram
Speeds measured by using "timedemo demo1"
The average speed in 320*240 is 26.4 fps
The average speed in 640*480 is 25.6 fps (update v1.01 runs at 33.5 fps)

Tenebrae "should" run on a lot of graphics cards, first I will give some explanation about what card is best for tenebrae. (I don't say it's THE best card)
1) Geforce 3,4
These use only 2 passes per light and are the fastest cards to run tenebrae on.
2) Geforce 1,2
These require 6 passes per light and are decent cards to run tenebrae on.
3) Others
Those others are actually ATI cards since those are the only ones that support all the necessary (ARB_)extensions for tenebrae. These cards span just like geforce cards several generations so performance may differ.
The average speed in 1024*768 is 21.5 fps"
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