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Default Re: nForce 4 corrupting data written to HDD

The fact is that both of my drives are more or less corrupted. So now I will try to reformat a partition and see what happens with huge files. Also, I should mention that before that serious fs corruption I had several files wrongly copied from one disk to another. I copied about 5 GB of photos and some of them appeared corrupted. I'll look and see if I still can find some missed ones as I had them replaced one by one with the originals and they were successfully corrected. here it is. Three pairs of photos corrupted during PATA->SATA copy operation.

Here are my PATA->fresh ext3 partition on SATA:
17050436099fb9a05ad03ae2cce1a607 debian-update-3.1r4-i386-1.iso - the source

... and the copies (filenames changed on purpose :
a1ce1f3e703aae62ec940eaf5b8019f4 debian-update-3.1r4-i386-0.iso
7762914497922b5fc09b936ec15c094b debian-update-3.1r4-i386-1.iso
1c6e5d218835539f97128e1de3e100a3 debian-update-3.1r4-i386-2.iso
2ac382a59210a3059aa7b2ee3902b0de debian-update-3.1r4-i386-3.iso

Lastly, because of such differences I decided to check them once more. Every file had a different md5sum! Even in the fresh partition it gives different md5sum.

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