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Default Xserver error 9629 & 9631

Don't know if it is related to the drivers or not. Just in the last week I have started to experience Xserver problems. First on solaris express build 50, now on build 46. Started as unable to open new X applications. Went to logout and it was not able to startup the graphical login. Reveived this error:
Fatal server error: /var/dt/Xerrors. This shows 'could not open default font 'fixed', also see /var/log/Xorg.0.log, which has the same warning plus XIO: fatal IO 146 error connection refused.

Reinstalling 9629 did not fix this. I booted into the alternate boot environment (b46) and it worked fine for 3 days. Today, firefox suddenly quite, complained about the xserver and then no other x apps would start. Logging out provided the same problem, unable to restart the X server. I then installed 9631 hoping to have this fix the problem, but upon reboot I am still without a Xserver.

I have no idea if this is related to the Nvidia driver, but just looking for some potential advice.

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