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Default Re: nForce 4 corrupting data written to HDD

> 0) Are you able to consistently reproduce the corruption within 3
> iterations with the files & script you provided?

Yes, as stated before at least one file exhibits corruption on every
iteration. I spent four days doing nothing but running tests while changing
variables (e.g., the source of the data, whether regular async or direct I/O
was used).

> 1) Does this still reproduce if you are using a non-SMP kernel?

That is one thing I did not try.

> 2) Does this still reproduce if you reduce the RAM to 1GB or 512MB
> (booting with the mem= kernel parameter)?

Yes, the problem still occurred after booting with "mem=1g". Problem also
occurs if I remove half the memory (2 x 1 GiB DIMMS). Problem still occurs
if I swap the pairs of DIMMs I removed with the ones still in the system.
Memtest86 was run 24 hours on the full 4 GiB without error.
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