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Unhappy Only without AGP

I tried with three different kernels. These are my results for NO AGP.

NOTE: When VbeTool forces the graphics card to post, the Geforce 4 card's BIOS message is slightly corrupted. LeadTek's logo is ascii garbage, and it counts to 255.0MB instead of 128.0.

1. Suspend-to-Ram
2. works but see #5
3. nvidia-drivers-1.0.9631, gentoo, (gentoo-sources-2.6.19-r2, gentoo's ck-sources-2.6.19_p2, git-sources-2.6.19-r19)
4. Nforce2 Ultra 400, LeadTek WinFast A250 Ultra TD (Geforce Ti 4600), Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe, Athlon XP+ 2600 Barton
5. after resuming the virtual console doesn't draw normally. the screen only changes the prompt line. pressing enter doesn't advance the prompt. only switching virtual terminals and back will show all changes.

1. Suspend-to-disk (not suspend2)
2. works without issues like previous #5
3. same as above
4. same as above

none of the three kernels with nvidia-drivers could sleep or hibernate using either NvAGP or AGPGART. The keyboard was unresponsive after resuming in all cases.

Like many others have said, disabling AGP is not a solution.
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