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Default Can anyone identify this card please

Acquired in a job lot of parts.

It is an AGP Graphics card with both VGA and DVI outputs.

On the fan (which covers the chipset and I don't know if it is removable) it has the Nvidia logo and name and NV-1017.

On the paper lablels at the top edge of the board with a bar code it has the following DS/N cn - 054NHR - 44571 - 0B8 - 0503 C/O CN Rev A00

There are two fixed green heatsinks at right angles each covering 4 chips

On the metal fixing bracket for the PC there are the words Purcell CA P166-0005

On the backside in the FCC CE box there is NVidia Corporation 180 - P0032 - 0100 - A02

I would like to have some idea of what it is so that I can download some drivers for it before I install it in a machine.

Any help appreciated.
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