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Default Overclocking frustrations! E6600/Evga 680i


I am having the hardest time with my setup. First off, here are specs:

Tuniq Tower - lapped to 1000 Grit
Evga 680i w/ P21 Bios
Corsair Dominator 8500 2 gig
Silverstone 850 Watt PSU
Evga 8800GTX @ 630/2000
Silverstone TJ07 Case (awesome btw)
X-fi elite pro
Plextor burner

Current BIOS settings:

Mulitiplier - x9
Primary, PCIe x16 (black) - 125
SPP<->MCP Ref Clock - 225
Memory - 5-5-5-15
Running in Unlinked mode
All Spread Spectrums are Disabled
System BIOS Cacheable - Enabled
NVIDIA GPU Ex- Disabled
LinkBoost Function - Disabled
HPET Function - disabled
NVMEM memory test - disabled
PCI Clocks - Auto
CPU Configuration - Everything is disabled except "Logical uP1" - whatever that is. That is left as enabled. It only shows up in the NVCP stuff but not the actually Evga main BIOS. ???

VCORE: 1.45v
VDIMM: 2.2v
CPU FSB Voltage - 1.5v
Nforce SPP Voltage - 1.50v
Nforce MCP Voltage - AUTO
HT nForce SPP<-> MCP - AUTO

that should cover the settings in the BIOS. Anything not mentioned above is set to default or auto...or whatever the original setting is from the P21 BIOS. I also disabled whatever serial ports and on board NIC or on-board soundcard crap I don't need.

OK - here is the problem

I am hitting walls left and right and HUGE gap in the FSB. I know the gaps in this board already but mine are just plain retarted!

I can't even get my 2.4 e600 to 3.3 stable! The only way I actually can make this stable is by upping the VCORE to something like 1.55 or 1.575 volts! I should be hittings 3.5 at least w/ my system and at the vcore rating of 1.575.

I've tried lowering the muliplier to x8 and upping the FSB but the system will reboot and say that is running in safe mode! or I'll back all the way down to 1.45 vcore and 3.2ghz and reboot from BIOS and it will also again say its running in safe mode.

Getting to 3.3 or 3.4 is even more of a task...I have yet to even be Orthos stable! it will fail at either 2 mins or 15 mins....12 mins and some odd seconds.

I'm at a loss and I need some help! I see so many people running at least 3.4-3.5 some even at 3.6 but I can't get that high.

pllllleeeeassssee help me! I've googled and come up empty. I've referenced to the the nvidia overclocking guide and got no where.

i'm at a loss

oh and disregard my sig. See my e6600 at 3.5/1.5562 vcore...that was BEFORE I found Orthos. that program made me sad.
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