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Default Re: Nvidia - Mandriva 2007

I had the same issue on Mandriva 2007 x86_64 with a GeForce 6800 PCI-E. X loads fine. NO desktop is displayed, though it seems to load fine. It is black or white. The cursor is displayed and everything else seems only masked.

Running "startx -- -verbose 5" shows NO ERRORS. It loads to KDE fine, but shows a cursor on a blank screen. After using keyboard shortcuts to exit, still NO ERRORS.

I finally seem to have fixed the issue by uninstalling the nVidia drivers (--uninstall option) then installing an earlier version.

I would think the developers at nVidia would have tested the drivers in at least RedHat... and possibly Mandriva, as these along with Ubuntu/Debian seem to be the most common Linux desktop distros. Yet I've never seen a pre-compiled nVidia driver for standard Mandriva kernels...
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