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Originally posted by Solomon
Especially when you are forking over $400.00 for a card, why wouldn't you want the ability to run the games smoothly with AA/AF?

D. Solomon Jr.
Well, i thought that when i bought my Raden 9800Pro with its improved FSAA and AA core tweaks. But i have a probem, i like to play games at 1280x1024. Not pisses me off more then when i have to 'change resolutions'.

The naked truth is, you cannot play Unreal II with AA and AF maxed, nor can you play Unreal II with AA 4x and AF 8x. The final mode i can play Unreal II at a decent fps is AA 2x AF 4x, but i have to turn it off on the out door maps.

Im sure this post will recive the standad "you installed your card wrong" but i really do laugh at people when they post that.
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