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Default Re: Nvidia - Mandriva 2007

Originally Posted by TPG
First do NOT use nvidia's stock drivers against mandriva if you are going to use AIGLX/Xgl.

Use the plf nvidia drivers. That is the recomended way to get best performance and to avoid lot of problems!

Visit this site: where you can add few medias.
I'd suggest to you to check contrib, plf-free and plf-nonfree.

At the end you will just need to copy few lines to konsole(ofcourse logged in as a root)
and run it.

Then you need to uninstall nvidia drivers: press ALT+CTRL+F1
login as a "root" and then type:
init 3
sh /path/to/ --uninstall

After that you have to type this:

urpmi nvidia

When it is done type "init 5" to get back to X.
At the moment I am reinstalling mandriva, but I will try this, What exactly does this do? installs a seprate nvidia driver than what is on thier website? will this allow me to run the AIglx or Xgl desktops? I have also installed BeryL which seamed to work ok untill I rebooted, then it wouldnt let me back into X. the error has somthing to do with simple fonts not being installed.
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