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Originally posted by marcocom
nah bro. the FX ultra on DDR2 smokes up a 9700 in everything except when a few driver-level effects are applied.

i agree that no one should upgrade from the 9700pro to anything but the nv35...but that old 9700pro aint got nothing on my 5800ultra. thats a myth and every new driver version proves it more and more.

but theyre certainly close as hell and the age of the 9700pro means that it was unquestionably the 'card to own' last year and this year in terms of value and just about everything. frankly, i wish i had purchased one when they had released. (except no dual-cpu support makes it impossible) i would be definitely waiting for nv35

however, it also works when a user like bkswaney just sells the card, gets roughly half the money to upgrade to the latest. (for me, it seems cheap. i mean...i spend alot more on snowboard equipment and that stuff only gets used 5 times a year!)

You got it backwards, the NV30 gets beaten by a 9700 pro in most gaming benchmarks.

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