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Default Re: 680i voltages and OCing

I'm actually doing the same as you:

here are my voltages:

VCORE: 1.54375v
CPU FSB: 1.5v
VDIMM: 2.2v
SPP: 1.50v
MCP: 1.6v
HT: 1.55v

Upping the MCP and the HT gave me much better/stable OC results then when I first started to try and push my e6600.

Those are my current voltages and as I type this Orthos is running the background. I'm trying to get 3.5ghz stable. So far Orthos has been running stable for 19mins...haha..but its better than 1 min like it use to be. I was getting reboots during orthos so I moved my voltages to what you see above.

So far so good.

Let me know if your stable on the voltages, I'm interested in seeing.

EDIT: Lazaredz: after reading your signature, our systems are almost identical! Now I'm even more interested in what you achieve at the those voltages. It would seem we are almost on the same page here.

EDIT: BLAST! this keeps happening. After about 30-36 mins of system will just failure in freezing, no BSOD, just reboot.
has this happened to you at all? What should I matter how high my just seems to take a dump around that time.

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