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Default Re: 680i voltages and OCing

Okay, I think I locked in 3.6. Had to play with the voltages a bit:

CPU 1.525 = 1.48 actual
FSB 1.5
Mem 2.1
SPP 1.55
MCP 1.5
HT 1.45

Bumping the SPP is what REALLY nailed it for me. I also was getting failures about 10-15 minutes into Orthos (that included reboots) until I bumped the SPP up just a bit more. Now I've got:

I've dried dropping both the CPU and SPP a notch down, but then I get failures again, so I think this is going to be it.

I'm going to try a P95/RTHDRIBL loop to see if that is stable too. If its good I'll probably just play for a few days and if no issues arise, move onto overclocking the 8800 again. I've got a rough start on that also, but need to zero it in more. Will probably end up bumping the voltage on it too once the "pros" give me an idea what to aim for.
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