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Default NVIDIA module for SUSE 10.2

I need some help. I have an MSI board K8N SLI-F, AMD 4400+ X2, 2 GB of OCZ Ram, EVGA 7600 GT with 256MB,
I had SuSe 10.1 running great with 3D and everything.
I updated to SuSe 10.2 and then the problems started. Choppy video, I did the Yast deal where you add the Nvidia url and all that. It updated and then I could not get back into GUI, it is giving me an error saying that the Nvidia module could not start, no usable screens. ???
So I figured I would just reload with a New Install, but when I get to the end of the install and do the video test it locks up my PC with lots of blue lines at the top of the screen.
Can anyone help walk me thru getting this working?
Thank you in advance for your help.
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