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Default Re: Re: Re: Radeon 9700PRO Scores @ 300/300Mhz

Originally posted by 5150 Joker
Wow then you must be a complete moron that cannot build a computer properly. I can confirm his score with my own:

R9700 using 3.2 cats modified to 9800. Core/mem set at 301/301 using R3D Tweak. No wonder you get stuttering and other issues, it's obvious your rig has problems due to a severe PEBKAC issue.

That is all you retard ATi'ers ever can say "Dude, you must of forgot to put your Video card IN your slot, I DID THAT TOO, then i realzied you have to install hardware, but it took me a long time to figure that out"

You really are retards. It dose make me giggle.

For fairness, i will test the videa card on 2 of my friends rig

One of them is a 2200+ on a VIA KT333 chipset, and the other has a silimar setup with a 2000+ but Watercooled.
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