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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Radeon 9700PRO Scores @ 300/300Mhz

Originally posted by GlowStick

That is all you retard ATi'ers ever can say "Dude, you must of forgot to put your Video card IN your slot, I DID THAT TOO, then i realzied you have to install hardware, but it took me a long time to figure that out"

You really are retards. It dose make me giggle.

For fairness, i will test the videa card on 2 of my friends rig

One of them is a 2200+ on a VIA KT333 chipset, and the other has a silimar setup with a 2000+ but Watercooled.
You just got owned, be a man and admit it. Your score is crap because your rig sucks and was obviously built by you. I'm not an fanATIc, in fact I'm very impartial and have never owned any ATi product prior to this R9700 Pro. My next card is still undecided depending on how well NV35 performs vs ATi's R350 with 400 core and DDR II memory.

P.S. if your friend's rigs are built like yours, we'll probably see a repeat of your abysmal results.

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