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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Radeon 9700PRO Scores @ 300/300Mhz

Originally posted by 5150 Joker
You just got owned, be a man and admit it. Your score is crap because your rig sucks and was obviously built by you. I'm not an fanATIc, in fact I'm very impartial and have never owned any ATi product prior to this R9700 Pro. My next card is still undecided depending on how well NV35 performs vs ATi's R350 with 400 core and DDR II memory.

P.S. if your friend's rigs are built like yours, we'll probably see a repeat of your abysmal results.
LOL that just shows how much you dont know.

Because when my friends rigs show the exact same results all you can say is "NUH HUH, they built their rig wrong".

Now, after looking though the Database from i am seeing my results for the stock clock speeds of the 9800pro are *ta da* amazeingly close! wow within 100points. Oviously they built their rig wrong also.

Now lets see, explane how you built your rig diffrently than mine!

Did you do a magical dance while you put your processor in the socket? Do you have an secret of slideing a video card into a slot? Oviously you do.

Or could it be that your upped fsb, 'modded' drivers and mods had anything to do with this?
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