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Originally posted by ugapug
I don't know about your system, but with mine Unreal II runs like butter. 2xAA 4xAF 1280X1024 all settings maxed.
Abit NF7-S rev 1.0
T-Bred 1700@190x11 (2112)
TwinX512 3200LL
PNY GeforceFX 5800 Ultra
WD Raptor SATA
WD 1000BB 100gig (w/2meg cache)

Upgraded from a Geforce4 Ti4600. Had an ATI 9700 Pro to compare to the Ultra. IQ seems quite similiar to me, but the colors on my Ultra with Digital Vibrance activated seem a bit more vivid.
Just my .02
And I like loud fans. It gives me an excuse to crank up the speakers
The game runs fine on my system with the same settings you listed but anything below 60 fps during a heavy action scene isn't acceptable to me. People have different standards.

Desktop: DFI LANPARTY nF4 SLI-DR | AMD64 3000+@2.6ghz | Leadtek 7800 GTX | 2 GB Crucial PC3200 | 2x120 GB 8mb WD | Dell 2005FPW 20" LCD | Antec "TrueControl" v2 550w PSU | Lian Li PC75 modded case with H20 Cooling

Laptop: XPS Gen 2 | Samsung LCD | P-M 2.13 | nVidia 6800 Go Ultra | 2 GB DDR2 | 60GB 7200RPM HD | 8x DVD-RW/CD-RW| Dell Wireless 1450 a/b/g | Windows XP Home | 3 Yr Warranty/Complete Care.
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