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Default Uhm, guilty?

I was playing with it last night, but didn't have fraps on the first couple of times...but I also spaced and left quincux/2xAF on so it seemed a bit jerky on Bubbles for me.

I killed off AA & AF and fired up fraps and noticed that my low dips never really went below 29fps after that. (I think high details, medium shadows)

I was averaging mid-40s, 50s most of the time, it was just low-dips I was watching for. A VERY pretty game, and kind of fun too!

I did notice that when I played around with AA & AF later that when I tried night vision with AA & AF on it turned into a slideshow for me...but I really ain't got the CPU power to pull that off yet. I meant to see if I could get away with running quincux only on it, but haven't had a chance. (And doubt I'll get away with it with the lighting in the game, BEAUTIFUL lighting BTW. )
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