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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Sigh, not sure about any of your realms, but here on Aman'Thul some level 5s; the sort that would run around town begging for gold, and dancing naked to try to get some, have come up with a new bit of greed to revel in the in-game festivities. Because the christmas gifts require one to give 5 gingerbread cookies to Santa, and it's a lvl 1 cooking recipee that requires 5 small eggs; they've taken to charging 2 gold for small eggs or gingerbread cookies... The acts of a true Goblin :thumbsdwn:

Anyhow, my thought, is that all the high levels record their names, and the next time these individuals ask for help on a lowbie instance run, an elite/difficult quest, charge them through the roof. With the words "remember those eggs..." comes a "I'm sorry but my services can't come free to extortionists." Truly a sad state of affairs when Christmas comes down to this
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