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Originally posted by Rogozhin

You were claiming that your radeon 9800 was getting 1550 marks, so what the heck is your problem? You are refuting your earlier post.

Those are decent scores for your system.

I never said that my 9700 non pro was stock. So the frequencies are still valid.

What's your proposition then?


Yes, we are testing cards underclocked at 300/300.

So you agree that my score of 5500's is "decent" i could probly get a few hundred more if i had agp8x and VERY aggressive ram timeings. But the 845PE chipset dose not support AGP8x and my ram timeings are fine as they are.

SO baiscly you are saying

My system is fine at its normal clock speeds. But when its underclocked my system is 'built wrong'.

Thx, just proved my point =]
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