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Originally posted by euan
Hey I know the drivers aren't SMP Aware, and aren't multi-threaded. If you have ever sat down and tried to write a video driver (I have access to ATI's driver development program) then SMP and multi-threading are the last thing on your mind. Still it hardly sites as a reason for making it "impossible" to use.

Last time I played Quake 3 (on my old 8500) it also ran great in SMP mode, it got nearly 2x the fps. Last I heard ID had broke it in a patch, then fixed it then they disabled it.

At the moment it's really only the R300 that are CPU driven on Linux (as far as I can remember). I started writing a Radeon driver for the R200 a while back, but someone else beat our team with a very good attempt just as we were getting started. The Beos Driver has hardware acceleration for all the necessary functions up to the R300. What do you class as hardware accelerated? What the Xfree86 R300 is missing is video-video blitting, and system-to-memory blitting etc, hence it has to manually redraw the framebuffer every frame, which is very CPU intensive. I think ATI just don't want to open source their hardware. We haven't even got the Xfree R300 code to work properly in BeOS. Very strange. Ati's "driver developer site" is of no use either, and they don't provide assistance.

Someone else commented on the Radeon 64 DDR BSOD in win2k... well yeah no change there, nor for everyone else. My old Athlon 800 had the same problem with a 7200, and Geforce 2 as well as the Tyan Tiger MP system. The story repeated for the first 6 months of WinXP as well, yet the PC's magically cured themselves through windows "critical" updates, many new bios's, and driver updates.
Your right, i did notice alot of the probelms with my Tyan Tiger MP system go away after a critical update! I get the feeling it was the Athlon Pageing problem? I do rember a certin set of nvidia drivers would cause the pageing to go wild. Scotty at had an attack of the same probelm. Weird.
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