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Default Re: No GLX with xinerama & 9631 driver

Let me try to explain my setup again: I have two video cards and two monitors. Each monitor is connected to one card. I'm using xinerama to have a large desktop. The screens are screen 0 for the 1st AGP card and screen 1 for the 2nd PCI card. When I use 8774 nvidia driver, screen 0 would have GLX and direct rendering, while sceren 1 would not. However, when I use the 9631 driver both Screen 0 and Screen 1 would not have GLX!!

Here is what the 9631 README says:
This driver supports GLX when Xinerama is enabled on similar GPUs.

It is recommended to use identical GPUs. Some combinations of non-identical, but similar, GPUs are supported. If a GPU is incompatible with the rest of a Xinerama desktop then no OpenGL rendering will appear on the screens driven by that GPU. Rendering will still appear normally on screens connected to other supported GPUs. In this situation the X log file will include a message of the form:

(WW) NVIDIA(2): The GPU driving screen 2 is incompatible with the rest of
(WW) NVIDIA(2): the GPUs composing the desktop. OpenGL rendering will
(WW) NVIDIA(2): be disabled on screen 2.
Right now my problem with the 9631 driver is that it disables GLX on both screens and both cards whereas the older 8xxx drivers doesn't!! Any workaround other than disabling xinerama?
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