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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Up to 82 /played days, 12 of which got me to 60. Sure was something that kept me playing all the time.

Leveling to 60 however is a ton of fun as well. The thing is, the path to 60 and the endgame are pretty much two different games entirely. I'm actually in the process of leveling an alt and I'm having so much fun, I'm seriously considering playing him in the expansion rather than my main.

Players who pay people to level their characters are complete idiots and by the time they get on their high-level characters, they'll be horrible players because they have no idea how to play their class. These are the morons who wipe groups due to having no idea what they are doing. Paying someone to level your guy is the biggest waste of money imaginable in WoW, especially since you'll suck so bad that nobody will want you in a group or endgame guild.
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