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Default Re: where are rpms file?

Originally posted by grocanar
the installer just bloat my rpm database.
Bull. The installer CANNOT bloat any RPM database; it does not enter any information into the RPM database! The state of your RPM database before and after installing the driver is exactly the same.

Moreover how can i install the nvidia driver in 200+ machine in an non interactive way?
Install it once (and set up the system like you need it), and then image the drive. Boot off a CD (rescue mode or something) and mount your hard drive somewhere. Then make a tarball of your entire system, and put it on the network somewhere. When you have another system to create, simply boot to the CD again, decompress the tarball back onto the new system's drive, and rewrite the bootloader (if you use grub, you may not even have to do that -- rewrite only if grub hasn't been installed on that drive; for lilo, you'll have to rewrite all the time).

Edit: Or -s, duh.
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