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Default linux: Problems when compiling kernel module, Driver 1.0-7184 Legacy, Kernel 2.6.19


Im quite frustrated right now, since i can't seem to get the kernel module for my Nvidia-card to compile on the 2.6.19.x series of kernels.

I have a gefoce 2 GTS, wich i have been using well during the past years, with no problems in Linux, until recently.

The log in /var/log/ complains about missing files, only, the files seems to be in the correct directories! This occours ONLY when trying to compile the module for the 2.6.19 kernels, when trying earlier versions, such as and .3, it all works.

Is there a known problem with the legacy driver and the 2.6.19 kernel? I've searched around a bit, but it seems that im the only one having this problem? Might it be something i've done wrong?

Im attaching the nvidia-installer.log for you to view, since it probably tells you more about my problems than i can.

P.S I've done what the log suggests, and it didn't help. D.S


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