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Default Re: setting up OpenGL in Linux.

Originally Posted by lunix
I have been using SDL to great effect developing GL apps on both WIN32 and Linux platforms.
I was beginning to wonder if I should go ahead with GLUT because I know SDL is in a way better than GLUT because it allows you access to audio as well.
But at the moment I just want to familiarize myself with openGL using the GLUT library but yeah using SDL later is very much on my mind.
So I will check out some SDL tutorials from the NeHe website later when I am comfortable with using GLUT .

Anyways I used this this HOW-TO to install GLUT
he problem is I dont know how to start on my first program.
Now that my GL and GLU header files are where I want them..........should I follow any tutorial for openGL.

The tutorials available at NeHe are for use with windows because its code has the #include<window.h> directive.....So i was wondering how to use them with GLUT........should I just remove this header file ???????

PS: Sorry for the noobness and the bolding of the text but I desperately need some help
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