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Default Re: 8800 gtx overclock

I use rivatuner (v2.0 16.2) but it does not really support fan control. I remember reading somewhere, I think on the rivatuner forums, that it can be done if you really want to but it was discouraged and had to PM the developer to find out how.

As an experiment, I used nTune to crank the fan to 100% (had to set it twice) and found that I could OC a little higher (621 vs 612). My idle temp dropped 5degC from 55 to 50 and my load temps went from ~83 to ~69deg C. A few things to explain here. At idle (not 3D) I drop my core/mem freqs to ~300/600 MHz. For stress testing, I use ATiTool 3d view (fuzzy cube). I've found nothing that stresses in more; I've never seen the temps go above 80degC as a function of gaming. My normal OC is 612/999 GPU/mem.

I've also noticed that, per riva tuner, my GPU freqs go between 576, 594, 612, 621, 648. Any frequency setting in between gets resolved to one of these. I've never been able to run at 648 for more than a few seconds w/o lockup and eventual BSOD.

If you want to set up POWERSAVE(PS) and OVERCLOCK (OC) profiles and autoswitch between them, do the following. Bring up rivatuner System tweaks, set up your OC clocks, test, apply and save profile(612_999 for ex). Do the same for your powersave mode. I have these Apply at windows startup. Goto RivaTuner main window Launcher tab, hit the green "+", add regular item, name it OC (for example), click "Associated overclocking profile" and select the profile name saved earlier from the pull down. Do the same for PS (powersave) using that profile(300_600 for me). Now (almost done) bring up the HW monitor and from the GPU freq pane, right mouse click, select setup, and click the green "+". Enter some name (OC or whatever) in the "Core clock \ ROP domain.... " box and enter 570 and the value(MHz). Select "item" from the Launch pulldown and enter OC in the name. Select "item" from the 2nd Launch pulldown and enter PS for the name, hit OK. done.

I hope I didn't forget anything too important. Way too complicated (and not intuitive) to do what I consider the most important function for such SW but, oh well. ATI definitely has the upper hand wrt 3rd party OC support w/ ATiTrayTool and ATiTool IMHO but, I have an 8800GTX don't I? Cheers
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